Duke Basketball Committee

Graduate and Professional Campout 2017:

Friday, September 22 - Sunday, September 24

Thanks to everyone for a fun and successful

Campout 2017!!!

If you have won season tickets:

Athletics will be making you a ticketing account and your tickets will be uploaded to it soon. This can take a bit because there are so many tickets, so don't fret if they aren't there yet! 

We'll make an announcement and send an email when tickets have been uploaded for purchase!

If you didn't win tickets, you can still get into games!

Athletics will make you a grad/professional student ticket account too and you can purchase/transfer student tickets for games.

OR you can always come to games and get in the walk-up line with your Duke ID.

Note: emails from Athletics Ticket Office and Basketball Committee Lottery account tend to go to your junk mail folder, so check there!

See everyone during the 2017-2018 Basketball Season!!!

Let's go, Duke!

Your Bball Cmte