Duke Basketball Committee


Serving as a checker is a rewarding way to give back to the Duke graduate and professional student community during Campout. Checkers are responsible for scanning wristbands through Campout weekend. While doing so, you will make checks as an attending camper and easily fulfill the volunteer requirement if you are planning on applying to become an usher!


Why volunteer at Campout? Volunteering can help you score season tickets, and qualify for a shower exemption! The more shifts you sign up for (and actually show up for) the better your chances are for nabbing a season ticket.

This is also required if you want to usher for the upcoming 2019-2020 Men's Basketball season!

Some of the most important shifts are for the Happy Friendly Safety Squad. This group of students walks around the camp in groups to ensure that students aren’t violating any of the Campout policies. 

Want to get your volunteering done before Campout even starts? You can sign up for the RV Rodeo. You’ll help guide the RV’s into the campsite and make sure all the RVs have their required supplies. 

Really want a shower exemption? Sign up for one of the Trash shifts! These shifts are guaranteed a shower exemption. The trash shift volunteers will ensure that the trash has made it in the cans and replace bags in full cans. 

Volunteers help Campout run smoothly, and get many perks during Campout, as well as after! Feel free to sign-up for multiple shifts and different jobs!