Tent Captain Sign-up

This year to ensure that our tenters have enough space, we ask that everyone who is tenting, sign-up their tent.

You can be a tent group as small as one, and sign yourself up; or you can wrangle a group as big as 20 campers, and sign-up all of the tents your group will be bringing. If you have more than 20, you can organize several tent captains, one for each group of up to 20 campers.

If you need to make any changes to your tent group, email the Campsite Coordinators: BasketballCampoutRV@gmail.com

This works similarly to how RV Captain Sign-up works. For each tenting group (if you are an individual tenter, you'll sign-up yourself), select a Tent Captain. Have that person fill out the sign-up form - link to the survey will be posted once registration opens.

Include the number of tenters in your group, number of tents you are bringing to Campout, and the names of each of your tenters.

EVERYONE WHO IS TENTING NEEDS TO SIGN-UP THEIR TENT. This is for our Campsite Coordinator committee to ensure we give all of you enough space so you aren't stacked on top of each other. We all want more space, right? 

When your tent captain comes to rolling check-in, they will pick the time slot you will set your tents up. If you have several tent groups and want to all be together, make sure your tent captains go to rolling check-in at the same time!