Tent Captain Sign-up

This year all campers are Tenters! To ensure that everyone has enough space, we ask that everyone who is tenting sign-up in-groups of ten (10) tenters including the Tent Captain.

Each group of 10 will be assigned a 14ft by 14ft plot with the ability to bring as many tents as the group wishes, so long as the group of 10 stays confined within their given area (i.e. one 10-person tent or two smaller tents that fit within the 14ft by 14ft assigned area)

Each Tent Group must select a Tent Captain who will sign up the group in the 2019 Tent Survey Form. In the form include all tenters and tents in your tent group. If you have more than 10 tenters, you can organize several tent captains, one for each group of up to 10 campers.

If you need to make any changes to your tent group after submitting the 2019 Tent Survey Form, please email the Campsite Coordinators: BasketballCampoutRV@gmail.com

Tent Captain will fill out the 2019 Tent Survery Form with a valid email address to receive notification. The survey will be posted once registration opens and can be found here.

Tent Captain, please have the name, UniqueID, and NetID of Tenters in your Tent Group before sign-up.

EVERYONE WHO IS AN ATTENDING CAMPER NEEDS A TENT GROUP. There is no individual tenting this year. This is for our Campsite Coordinator committee to ensure we give all of you enough space so you are not stacked on top of each other. We all want more space, right? 

When your Tent Captain comes to rolling check-in, they will pick the time slot you will for setting up your site. If your group is larger than 10 people (i.e., you have multiple Tent Captains) make sure all your Tent Captains go to rolling check-in at the same time!