About Campout Community Service

Community service is a big part of Campout! It gets our students out of the Duke bubble and into the Durham community around us. We had over 500 community service volunteers last year, and are hoping to get a lot of campers to participate this year. Campout Community Service takes place Saturday morning - we hope to see you there!

Campout Community Service Process

Campers who register for community service will be excused from Campout checks from 8am-2pm on Saturday morning to complete their project. Campers can read the community service project descriptions (below) and register via the link provided below. When registering, campers have the chance to prioritize three projects - however, project assignments will be completed on a first-come, first-serve basis, therefore nothing is guaranteed! Campers will be emailed their assignments beforehand and will have the chance to opt in or out before final commitments. However, once campers commit to community service, we expect active participation. Negative repercussions for no-shows include not being exempted from check-ins during the allotted time slot, and potentially losing further check-ins. Therefore please be thoughtful before committing! 

Enthusiastic campers also have the opportunity to indicate interest in being the project lead. The project lead will work with the Co-Chairs to coordinate logistics and ensure attendance. A more detailed description found below. 

Sign-up for a project here!!

Please review the 2019 Community Service Policy