Any graduate or professional student or an individual with a Duke spouse card may attend a Duke Men's Basketball game (space permitting). Doors close at Tip-off, and season tickets are guaranteed admission up to 20 mins prior to Tip-off.

All students attending Men's Basketball games must get wristbands at the designated area for Graduate Student Ticketing outside Cameron Indoor Stadium, this will often be near the Yoh Football Facility.  Here, we will have hand out wristbands for Walk-up attenders (individuals with their Duke IDs only), Bench-side attenders (for individuals with season tickets and their IDs, and want to sit on the bench side), and Band-side attenders (for individuals with season tickets and their IDs, and want to sit on the band side). 

If you are Bench- or Band-side, please have your ticket either printed out or available on your phone, ready to be scanned.  Once you have your wristband, students must line up and enter Cameron Indoor Stadium through the designated graduate and professional student doors.

Graduate and professional students MUST ENTER through the graduate student entrances WITH a wristband. Students who enter through the undergraduate or GA doors without a wristband will not be guaranteed admission and will be sent outside to get wristbands.

Students will not be allowed through the graduate and professional student entrance without a wristband.  

Once inside Cameron Indoor, students can go to concessions and restrooms, but must always return to their section (Bench- or Band-side). At Tip-off, the doors close and the cheers start!